Often, divorcing couples are required to attend mediation prior to their case going to trial. Final details of the divorce settlement and custody agreement can be settled here. A mediator is a disinterested third party that can help the parties communicate in a way that results in a settlement.  Sometimes the parties will be together in one room, but more often during mediation, a spouse and their attorney will be present in one room while the other spouse will be present with his or her attorney in another room. The mediator will go back and forth between spouses in an attempt to negotiate a settlement.

The mediation approach offers a variety of benefits:

  • It is less time consuming than litigation
  • It costs less than litigation
  • It allows couples to air grievances or concerns in a controlled environment.
  • It gives the parties greater control over their divorce settlement
  • It allows parties to reach unique solutions that fit the specific desires and needs of their family


Mediation is the process whereby an independent third party facilitates communication between other parties to help those parties come to a solution.  Mediation is a great tool!  The right mediator can assist people in understanding a problem more thoroughly and working out a solution that is win-win!  As a mediator, Cheryl McGirr helps people find creative solutions to conflict.  Whether you are embroiled in litigation or need help resolving a family or neighborhood dispute, Cheryl considers it a privilege to be a peacemaker!