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Remembering Judge Mark Silverstone

Remembering Judge Mark Silverstone

  • November 17th, 2014
  • Cheryl McGirr
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When a person becomes a judge, whether elected or appointed, the honor of the position becomes permanently attached to that person.  It is one thing to see the title above the position in a letterhead or at the bottom of a signed order.  It is another thing all together to see it in an obituary.  A good judge died last week in Williamson County, Judge Mark Silverstone.

Judge Silverstone was a fair judge, and while I didn’t always agree with him, his rulings were well reasoned.  I did not have a personal friendship with the judge, but I did have the opportunity to sit with him on a few occasions and discuss the law.  He was very gracious to this young lawyer, and I appreciated his willingness to share a few practical tips.  I never heard those who knew him better than I to say anything negative; rather, they all praised his character and his love for his family.

As I looked at the online obituary, his name  read “The Honorable Mark Silverstone.”  It struck me that I hope that in my obituary I would like to be referred to in that way – honorable.  I think most people would want that (at least I hope so).  The thing is – we don’t have to be a judge to have that moniker.  We can achieve it one decision at a time.  Let’s strive to do that – because each decision will string together with the next – and when our race is done – each honorable decision will make up a full and honorable life.