What’s Required To Get a Divorce?

What’s required to get a divorce?

In Texas, one of the parties must be a state resident for at least 180 days, or 6 months. Second, you must have been a resident of the county in which you are filing in for a period of 90 days. The court will not grant a divorce until the property issues have been resolved. Furthermore, when there are children, custody and support issues for them will need to be determined.

The first step is filing the “Original Petition for Divorce.” Most counties have one or more courts that handle family law cases. After the Original Petition for Divorce has been processed, it must be delivered to your spouse. This is usually done by a Constable, a county sheriff, or a private process server.  However, if both parties are amicable and resigned to the divorce process, your spouse can sign a waiver of service.