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When giving up your rights is better

When giving up your rights is better

  • July 21st, 2016
  • Cheryl McGirr
  • Comments Off on When giving up your rights is better

Is giving up your rights better?


Sometimes, it’s just better to give up something you’re legally entitled to.

That doesn’t sound like what you’d expect a lawyer to say – but I’m saying it.  And more lawyers should.

There is a heavy emotional cost to certain types of litigation – sometimes, the best thing to do is walk away.  You should have a lawyer who’ll be honest with you about which fights are worth picking and which are not.


Here’s an example – fighting over property in a divorce.  Texas law is clear that community property is subject to a fair and equitable distribution between the spouses at divorce.  Now that doesn’t necessary mean 50/50, but most judges see it that way.  They may waiver a bit off that – sometimes it’s 48/52 or maybe even 45/55.  But there is seldom more variance unless one of the parties is at fault in the divorce.  Sometimes giving up that 2-3% will save tons of emotional drain and may win you points in other areas that are even more important!  Not to mention saving you money on attorney feesJ

Other things ARE worth standing your ground on – more on this later!


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